CircEl-Paper – publishable deliverables and results

​The CircEl-Paper project, funded by the EU, comprises a number of work packages.

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Horizon Europe (HORIZON)

CircEl-Paper – Circular Economy Applied To Electronic Printed Circuit Boards Based On Paper
Grant No: 101070114
Contribution to the development of new concepts, designs and technologies in electronics to support and enable circular economy and sustainability.

The following documents are now available as downloads

Visual identity, project website and social network accounts

In this document the first steps for the communication and dissemination setup are shown – visual identity, online communication

Short-term impact assessment – Long-term impact roadmap – Initial

This deliverable explains the different impacts (economic, environmental, social, technological benefits and knowledge production) at short term (during the project and up to 3 years after the end) and long term (>3 year after the end of project) due to the project. This first version is delivered on M12 and will be updated in M24 and a final version at the end of the project.