LGP2 – Laboratory of Process Engineering for Biorefinery, Bio-based Materials and Functional Printing (Grenoble

LEPMI – Laboratory of Electrochemistry and Physical-Chemistry of Materials and Interfaces (Grenoble INP – UGA)

Grenoble INP gathers 8 engineering and management schools and 40 laboratories. LGP2 conducts research in the
field of printed electronics and valorisation of biosourced materials. It will develop methods for recycling electronic
devices printed on cellulosic substrates. LEPMI is specialised in the field of electrochemistry, materials, interfaces
and electrochemical engineering. It will work on the quantification of the extracted metals from the recycling

AGEFPI is a non-profit association that possesses laboratory equipment dedicated to recycling unit operations and
a pilot paper machine to simulate industrial papermaking process. It ensures the possibility of recycled paper
production in large quantity.


Horizon Europe (HORIZON)

CircEl-Paper – Circular Economy Applied To Electronic Printed Circuit Boards Based On Paper
Grant No: 101070114
Contribution to the development of new concepts, designs and technologies in electronics to support and enable circular economy and sustainability.