Use cases

CircEL-Paper aims to demonstrate that electronic products can be realised by usage of paper-based printed circuit boards. The products are chosen in order to show the vast width of application from an exploitable perspective but also to show that paper-based PCBs developed by the CircEl-Paper consortium can fulfill different requirements.


CASE ONE – Medical Sensor

A medical sensor for glucose level measurement on skin is built up on multilayer paper PCB and combines the sensor
with the electronic reading unit.

CASE TWO – Cold Chain Monitoring

A Time-Temperature-Indicator (TTI) with the multilayer paper -based PCB will be built up and integrated in paper-based packing solutions.

CASE THREE – Sound playing paper PCB

Paper-based gadgets like music playing greeting cards, children’s diary with electronic locks, or even paper case radios contain conventional PCBs today. CircEl-Paperwill use the developed multi-layered paper PCB to achieve an electronic paper product, recyclable in the conventional paper recycling process.


Horizon Europe (HORIZON)

CircEl-Paper – Circular Economy Applied To Electronic Printed Circuit Boards Based On Paper
Grant No: 101070114
Contribution to the development of new concepts, designs and technologies in electronics to support and enable circular economy and sustainability.